Are you growing your Sales or Business Development Team?  

Do you need additional Business Development & Sales or Engineering Talent?  New Leadership?  

Our goal is identifying top ranked sales & business development leadership that will positively affect your bottom line.  We know that the difference between an average Sales or BD manager and a stellar one could mean millions of dollars to your bottom line.

  • Specializing in Energy – Oil/Gas, Alternative / Clean, Power Generation, energy / battery storage, energy services, midstream, upstream oilfield services, and other supporting industries.

  • Customized & Engineered Search Options based on your criteria and business needs.

  • 10 Step Recruiting Model:  Discovery -> Search -> Identify -> Approach -> Recruit -> Present -> Interview -> Negotiation -> Hire -> Follow Through

  • 45+ combined years of recruiting experience – Our keen knowledge of Energy / Power Generation / O&G, and related industries, technologies, structures, challenges, and influences help us match the perfect candidate to your business needs.

  • Contingency, Retained, Exclusive and Custom Search options to fit your business model.

  • Renewables, oil & gas, energy & battery storage, midstream & oilfield services, nuclear, etc.

Typical recruitment assignments include:


Sales Managers

Territory Managers

Business Development & account Managers 

vice presidents &


of sales

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Search Service Options

ESR retained search

The ESR Retained Search is our highest level of engagement and is utilized typically for very important, hard to find, or timely in nature. The ESR Retained Search gets top priority and is most cost effective at filling your important leadership positions or building out your sales team, or if there is a confidentiality aspect. There is a nominal engagement fee which is subtracted off the final invoice. Additionally we offer a 100 day replacement guarantee.

ESR exclusive search

The ESR Exclusive Search is our most popular and is utilized for all positions that need special attention due to complexity, strategy, and possible confidentiality. You receive the same high level of service as the Retained Search but does not require an up front fee. This option, however, states that ESR has exclusive rights to the search for a predetermined length of time (usually 2-4 weeks). This options comes with a 60 day replacement guarantee.


The Contingency option is for searches that are still important, but with lower impact on the organization and comes with a 30 day replacement guarantee. This is a flat fee that is invoiced upon start date of candidate.

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